Having heard Sarah speaking formally, I can testify to her ability to really impart wisdom and knowledge to a room full of people. She has a captivating ability to hold an audiences attention.

Gerry Duffy
International Speaker on Leadership, Goal Setting and Public Speaking

January 2017 began like no other year; in that I said “this is my year to set up my own business”, it was a huge turning point in my life and simply saying the words out loud was terrifying. However; I began jotting down ideas and doing endless amount of research online but never felt motivated enough to push myself any further and actually make my business a reality. So much so; the year simply past me by and I was starting 2018 saying the same words out loud again, only this time I knew I needed a different approach and that was support, guidance and someone to be held accountable to. I needed encouragement and I needed someone to simply help me believe in myself; in that I can do this and that 2018 will be my year. Thankfully, I came across Sarah’s website and from the initial consultation I instantly began feeling more motivated and more positive in my approach to achieving my own business.


At Flight Mode Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Festival, we had the honour to have very professional, very inspiring, very motivational Mind Coach Sarah. She gave a speech about about motivation, goal setting and accountability and we could see her audience was just connecting with her. You could notice how they started making changes in the mind and understanding, that it is not so hard making goals and achieving them. Sarah’s professional advice helped us realise, that we can all achieve anything. Thank you Sarah for helping our Festival goers to leave with a mind full of positive thinking.’’

Asta Jakobson
Flight Mode Festival Creator and Organiser

Inspriring lady with so many gifts.”’

Wendy Ainscough
Wellness Coach