Some days are crap! That’s OK!

Short Term Motivation

There appears to be huge pressure on people to act like every day is the best day of their lives.  In self development there’s a lot of motivational speakers who build great momentum and positive feelings amongst their clients or audiences.  People walk away feeling buzzed and ready to jump into life and give it their all.  To be able to inspire people like this is truly admirable. Clients should be able to build this state themselves in the future. Empowering people to motivate themselves is of even greater importance as the high from working with a coach or attending an event can dwindle over time.

Optimistic and Realistic

As a coach I believe it is my duty to be realistic in my approach to working with clients.  Not every day is going to be amazing or the best day ever!  Some days will be tough and some days you might feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. That’s okay! I am all for positive thinking and increasing happiness in my life and helping others do the same in their lives.  I do so with a good helping of pragmatism.  Wishful thinking and hoping everything will turn out OK will only get you so far.  

On my personal development journey I have realised that some days I just feel like crap and full of doubt and I question everything I am doing.  When these days crop up, and I know that they inevitably will, this is the time to step back and observe how far I have come.  Take the day off, be kind to myself and call it a day.  There is not point in beating myself up any further and so instead I step back from what I am doing and switch off.  This doesn’t mean giving up but rather gaining a little perspective.

Unrealistic Expectations

Being upbeat and happy-go-lucky all the time is unsustainable in my opinion.  If this is your goal or you believe that other people exist this way you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.  Our emotions are constantly in motion.  Ups and downs are normal and comparing ourselves to what we see on social media is an unfair thing to do to ourselves.  There are few people online that will show you their vulnerable side or the days when things aren’t going so well.  We are not getting a balanced picture of the lives behind the screens. If you must make comparisons, compare yourself to who you were yesterday or a year ago.

Social Media

On the note of social media, I’d like to suggest that you take note of how you feel after spending time online.  If you can put your phone down or switch the laptop off and feel uplifted after checking in then keep it up.  If, on the other hand, it leaves you feeling inadequate and down, I would seriously suggest limiting, or cutting out completely, your time on social media.  

If today is one of those crappy days, stick the kettle on, go for a walk, go offline or catch up with a friend. It’s okay to take the day off and get some rest.  Start again tomorrow or next week.  Remind yourself of your ‘Why’, the reasons why you are doing what you are doing. Cut yourself some slack and be ready to start again when the feeling passes.  



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