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NLP - Sarah Ryan - Live Your Authentic Life
Do you want to …
  • Reduce, eliminate and replace feelings of anxiety and uncertainty with happiness, purpose and direction?
  • Improve your confidence and become a better communicator?
Do you feel …
  • There is something holding you back from living your best life?
  • There must be more to life than what you are living right now?
It’s time to …
  • Get clear on what it is you want and get excited about life again.
  • Define your goals, move towards and achieve them so you too can …

.. Live Your Authentic Life

Learn how  NLP and Mind Coaching can change your life.

What is Mind Coaching?

Mind Coaching is based on providing the tools, skills, capacities, attitude and aptitude for personal development, peak performance and excellence. The focus is on mental ability and agility. By developing these abilities, the client can gain access to their own personal resources and as a consequence choose where they want to apply them in their own lives. So, whether their focus is on business or on personal, the focus of the Mind Coach is on awakening their potential so that they can do what they do with the greatest satisfaction and to their highest levels of performance.

As with all Coaching mediums there is a level of content but with regard to Mind coaching the focus is on the process, the content is just the icing.

The Mind is viewed as the vehicle where all the excellence can be accessed and from there the client can and should determine their own levels of success and well-being.
(Brian Colbert)

I specialise in working with people who have been drifting without purpose or direction and now find themselves on the wrong path in life. It requires a commitment from both parties to get the desired results. Working together will require you to take action. This process is about making positive changes within your mind so that you can see and feel positive changes in your life. All information exchanged is personal and confidential.

Sarah Ryan - Live Your Authentic Life - NLP

Sarah Ryan

My passion for empowering people to get more out of life came from my own personal struggles. I was held back by limiting beliefs and lack of direction. I started studying NLP, coaching and human behaviour because I recognised the need for change in my own life. I suddenly found myself in my thirties without any real purpose or direction. Life was happening to me and it seemed I had no particular influence on the outcome.

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